I do not play RuneScape. I used to. I have a crapload to say.

When I started play RuneScape I was freakin' confused! I didn't know what to do, and had to ask my brother to help me. LMAO. He taught me about the game and how it worked.

I quickly became addicted to the game, and even woke up earlier to play the damn thing.

Anyway, A story to share :

The first time I got lured.

Well I played back in 05 - there weren't many low level pures. At the time I did not have a clue what a pure WAS. So anyways, I was level 26. A complete noob, not because of my level, just because, well, I sucked.

A so called "friend" asked me if I wanted to go to the wildy. I happily accepted. When we reached around level 20, this "friend" turned on me with his mithril mace.

My instant reaction was "WTF!!!!!111" but he carried on, not saying a word. I was freakin scared, being so young, and just clicked everywhere. I was getting nowhere. I realised the defence option was pathetic, so I went for the offence. I repeatedly firestriked this idiot, and ended up failing my attempt to kill him.

I had lost my life, to a freakin MITHRIL MACE

Well that was fun wasn't it?

Probably not, but eh.

------------------------------------- NINE YEAR OLD HACKER ------------------------------

I wasn't an idiot for so long though. My brother was talking to someone on RuneScape, and I decided to listen. The dude he was talking to was asking my bro if my bro could help him get H.A.M robes. The guy had to go, so he left my brother his password.


You already know what I was going to do.

Evily, I hacked his account, dropping all his items, and I tried dropping his cat, but it just followed him. I Shoo'ed it away.

I was nine/ten years old at the time.

I immediately felt guilty, but the damage had been done. I learned my lesson. I felt like a jerk for the rest of the week.

One more story for this blog.

------------------------------------- The noob who is level 45 who secretly has flames of zamorak and windwave behind his pathetic armour----------------------------------------

This happened atleast 3 years after the whole hacking nine year old thing. I am thirteen now, (that story happened when i was nearly ten).

Anyways, I found a dude in addy who had a ring of wealth. Not the best, but nice to have for free. I asked him for a DM, again and again, until he finally went to the wilderness.

He said "start"

I said "NOOB"

In his rage, he attacked me. Snare. Zammy staff out. Flames of Zamorak. Repeat Process. Dead.

Well cya :)

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